The Effectiveness of Promotional Products in Marketing

Aerial View with People and Text Marketing

Everybody love promotional products. A survey shows 90% of its respondents would keep a promotional product if they find it relevant. Offering what they customers might need gives you the opportunity to capitalize on this affection for branded freebies and may boost the brand’s recognition. Why is it so effective for marketing?

They Are Gifts

Although advertising using paper flyers and postcards can deliver your message, they frequently ignored and thrown without even glancing at it. Promotional products have higher recognition value, allowing the receiver more likely to hang on to them.

Continued Exposure

Reusable products with your logo, like a tote bag or water bottle can go more places and seen by more people whenever the receiver uses these products. Random people can see your logo in public, that increases the awareness of the brand. Sometime, these promotional products are kept for years.


Promotional products usually inexpensive compared with traditional advertising but have great return on investments. The opportunity to order a number of pieces and distributing your promos freely, grants you the opportunity to cover a big area for trading with your brand without spending a lot.

Employees Are Awarded

Giving a shirt, bag or mug with your logo, or another promotional product to your too performing employee or your employee of the month, can boost your employee’s morale. It can also encourage loyalty and can show positive reward for your employee’s effort.

Thanking Your Clients in Memorable Way

Following up on your clients make good manner and plainly makes good business. Clients are used to having salespersons sending them thank you cards or emails after a meeting, sending promotional products can make you stand out among others.

Choosing Which is the Right Promotional Product for your Audience


Assure that the promotional products you choose is related to your target market in some way. A little league’s team will love printed bag, shirts and water bottles but would find key chains and bottle openers useless. Having a relatable piece increases the chance of it being used and enjoyed by the receiver.


Useful merchandises have more likelihood of being kept by the receivers than unnecessary things. Promotional products such as tote bags, printed pens or somewhat the same useful items are unlikely to be disregarded. Even though the original receiver may not make use of them, they can pass it on to other acquaintances who can actually use them.


Many promotional branded water bottles that are used in trade shows and conventions are portable and can be easily taken home. Many visitors travel by air, a luggage space is in much consideration. Durable and small items are great giveaways for trade shows and conventions.

Including promotional products in your marketing plan offers various ways in reaching out to your target market and customers. Offering useful things and engaging products can remind them of your business.


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